Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Failed Products Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Failed Products - Essay Example This product was abandoned just a few weeks after its launch and the initial version was resurrected with a new name; Classic Coke† (Robert, 1995). The second product that flopped is Crystal Pepsi which was launched in 1990s as clear cola. This brand lacked lemon/lime flavor unlike the rest of other clear carbonated drinks. It also lacked usual cola flavor. In spite of a costly media blitz, Crystal Pepsi failed to catch on and Pepsi incurred millions of dollars guessing at straws and never recovered fully. This was a big blunder that their competitors learnt from; never change a color that is acceptable to your consumers. Lastly Ben-Gay Aspirin is another example of product failure. Thus having a famous name behind a product that is new does not guarantee success-at times it can be an obstacle if the brand is closely tied to one image or product. Ben-Gay is famous for its exceptional strong smell-and its pain-reducing balm’s burning/warming sensation on its getting in touch with skin.However this wasn’t an excellent fit for Ben-Gay aspirin launch by Pfizer decades ago. Whereas the products were related in that both were designed for pain relief, consumers could not get a taste for swallowing a tablet with a brand they related to burning sensation. Ben-Gay erred in attaching a popular name to something entirely out of character. They should have used a different brand name (Michael,

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