Monday, June 17, 2019

Workplace Literacy - Problem-Solving Letter Proposal Essay

Workplace Literacy - Problem-Solving Letter Proposal - Essay ExampleFor instance, there are regular traffic jams during the mornings and afternoons. The central emphasis on cars as public transport also contributes to pollution. Although buses contribute to the pollution problem as much as cars, buses are able to aggregate the amount of bulk traveling, thus reducing the total amount of emissions in the atmosphere.Another major passage concern is safety. The proportion of finales from car accidents is increasing. In fact, the report of 2011 issued by the humankind Health Organization says that 1.3 million people die each year from traffic accidents (Joffe, 2011). This number is expected to increase to about 1.9 million deaths annually by 2020 if public transportation is not instituted. The number of traffic accidents during the year 2011, amounted to 544.179 thousand accidents, which amounts to 1.537 per day. The number of people injured in the same year amounted to more than (39. 000) and (7.153) death with rate of (20) deaths per day. The cumulative recognition of these statistics demonstrates that transportation is a serious concern that strikes to the heart of pubic safety.In addition to the previously mentioned concerns, the nature of public transportation is additionally a monumental civil rights concern. As you surely recognize driving is restricted to males (Jeddah, 2012). While many homes have their feature drivers a significant amount do not. This leaves a majority of women without an adequate means of transportation. In both cases a significant amount of money is expended because the people who have their own driver have to pay for them and for the car. For people who dont have their own driver, they still have to hire someone to take them to their jobs or schools or whatever destination they need to attend. This situation creates an instance where a large part of the working public

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