Friday, May 3, 2019

The Gate to Women's Country Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The render to Wowork forces Country - Essay Example whiz such regulation is that he men will have to fight with their b are hands their enemies. The enemies, in turn, agree to the gentlemens agreement to fight with their right hand.Whatever is the reason for blindly future(a) the womens country policies is unreadable as of this moment in time. By proceeding with the reading of the next paragraphs, the reasons for the men and womens blind fol blueing of the rules and regulations and the company rules and regulations will slowly unfold the reader of this works very eyes.UTILITRARIANIST or CONSEQUENTIALIST. The women are consequentialists or utilitarianists (Theroux, 2007) because they crepuscle under this description that is espoused by John Stuart Mills. John Stuart Mills had put up a gigantic framework for what is known as Utilitarian Normative ethics.A consequence, according to John Stuart Mills encompasses the innate good, or good in itself of every action and inaction. The wo men are consequentialists because they espouse that the morality of their action depends on the context or consequences of such action. A good example is when the child is groom to choose, at the decision making age of fifteen years old, to either continue mastering the battle techniques of the warrior or to return rearward their mother that they left when they were still five years old to serve her.This is because the women in Sherri S Teppers Gate to Womens Countr... But their war is fought with only their bare hands as is the tradition of our modern day soldierlike arts contests because deadly weapons and weapons of mass destructions are not allowed during inter state wars.The womens country has a decentralised form of government where the women make the critical day to day community decisions for only the women are allowed be engrossed in the study of medicine, history and agriculture. Women live separately from their warrior husbands. The only time allowed for warrior men ( the servitor non warrior men are castrated and not allowed to have sex with women) and women to mate is during the once a year festival. The children are allowed to stay with their mothers until the age of five. After this age, the boys will have to go with their fathers to learn the warrior life. The children are then made to chose, after experiencing many years with their warrior father, whether to return through the gate of the women country to their mothers as their mothers servants (which places them at low societal status as compared with choosing to be a warrior) or to remain with their fathers and choose a high societal status of being warriors.Are always thinking of the consequence of each of their every actions and they make sure that all their actions have a consequence of doing well to everyone and making everybody happy. EMPATHY. Empathy is described as a persons ability to know by using the five senses the emotional situation of a friend, relative, patient, neighbor o r warrior. It is a known fact that different persons have different states of mind, beliefs and desires where they are intertwined with his emotional make up. Empathy fundament increase the

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