Friday, April 26, 2019

Project Management Processes in Organizations-Phase 4 Discussion Board Essay

Project Management Processes in Organizations-Phase 4 Discussion Board - set most ExampleWhether or not this project provided value to the business was not given much imagination by the project managers. However, because of spread of IT and globalization, the competition for business has increased rapidly and the businesses have become in truth vulnerable now. A product may be successful one day and the next day, it capability be a failure. Therefore, the businesses may only survive if they convince their customers that they are providing value to their customer by dealing with social, ethical and business issues effectively. (Ashley Johnson-McGlashan) It is the job of project managers to ensure that their projects objectives are align with the long term goals of the organization. Otherwise, both will get affected negatively.The company I used to fake for manufactured clothes. It was known to be socially responsible in all their operations and this gave the company a competitive advantage by making its brand image superior to their competitors. The customer brutish of the business was expanding rapidly and the company needed to expand itself. A project was proposed in which it was suggested that the labor intensive factories must be made completely automated. This would make the exertion process cost efficient and would keep back a lot of time. The project involved a large scale change in the production method of factory and this meant making the employees that were no longer required redundant. The company executives were not informed about this aspect of the project because the project team knew that the company would not agree to it and hence would not software documentation the project. The company executives approved of the project without giving much thought to dismissal of their employees. The project was initiated as short as it was approved. The start up cost of the project was very high therefore, in order to pull round costs the project te am dismissed 60 percent of the factory staff without arranging a compensation of any sort. These employees went on

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