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Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans Essay Example for Free

Critical Response to the film Remember the Titans EssayRemember The Titans is a film text, touch by the issue of the wrong of a persons race and how it is triumphantly overcome. It is an uplifting story how an Ameri drop town, Alexandria, conquered overtake resentment, friction and disharmony brought on by racial discrimination and mis depone. The town is further thrown into chaos, as protests rage over the killing of an black youth and then the integration of the major local soaring school T.C. Williams. The integration lead to the demotion of a much loved and highly successful head bus topology of the school state football team by the name of Bill Yoast, the jobs new occupancy went to an African-American by the name of bearing Boone, who ultimately suffers injustice because of his race and the fact he was replacing a livid coach which brought chaos to the white club. The injustice displayed in the film Remember the Titians can be seen numerous amounts of times. Coach B oone sets a wonderful object lesson of the town look ating to trust each some other and work together and shows the boys a funeral where population had died fighting the same fight people are lock away fighting today and the injustice of this situation to anyone. The film shows justice can be achieved on undercoat if people learn to respect each other. This barrier is overcome when one of the black teammates refuses to protect his white teammates because they wont block for the black teammates, they are made to spend time with each other and learn about each others culture which ultimately they learn to respect each other no head what race or where they came from. This lead to friction in the community and the boys parents wanting Coach Boone fired because of the communities traumatize that the highs school had been joined together and the injustice being showed to each other through murdering people because of at that place skin colour and the disrespect shown because of the persons race.As the team learns to show each other good morals, trust and respect during a time where the community were showing signs of discrimination, hate and mistrust and this is when Coach Boone showed the injustice of how his don died having to fight this same fight and the team ultimately responded and overcame the difficulties of having a multicultural team with the assistance of elective and authoritarian coaching styles by both Coach Boone andCoach Yoast. The coaching styles improved the players motivational skills at that place self fulfillment to work together and set an example to be treated equally, which made the coaches and players of antithetic races share the same cultivations and perception of the injustice of the peoples mistreatment because of race.As the team became an top contender and where playing every gritty with such passion and serving a sense of justice to each other when people would use racial comments on the field no matter what the race e very member would rear up for each other. As the team worked together and both coaches shared there perceptions the team actually achieved greatly and this rubbed of into the community. As examples of the white policeman acknowledging and congratulating a black titans efforts goes to prove that justice was being achieved on our creation. The town started accepting everyone for who they are and the titans where treated very well by the community for giving them notion and a sense of pride where justice could be achieved for everyone. In one circumstance Coach Boone had been called a monkey solely as the team was well disciplined and respectful of everyone this only inspired everyone in the titans to work harder for each other which resulted in a win not only for the game but for the team to change another persons perspective on racism and achieve the justice they deserved.When the injustice of Coach Yoasts hall of fame removal and the tragic accident of captain Garys car crash It showed in the last(a) game they would win a come from behind victory and Coach Yoast would ultimately not resort to rig and instead achieve his justice by helping his black partner Coach Boone achieve their goal togeather rather than resort to backstabbing and cheating to improve his own reputation and achieve justice on earth for himself and Coach Boon. This showed that even though Gary had his tragic accident he achieved hiss goal with his teammates of winning the final and teaching the community to respect everyone no matter what there race.This film was a great example of justice being achieved and giving everyone hopes through the Coach Boones leadership skills and charisma to inspire a team, community and a nation. The film showed how these people working together and being respectful of each other can truly inspire and set anexample for everyone to achieve justice on earth. Treating everyone equally and teaching them the injustice of what had happened because of the war ov er race ultimately inspired the boys and the nation to achieve justice for everyone on earth.

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