Friday, March 22, 2019

The National Education Technology Plan :: Essays Papers

The National Education Technology Plan As age agree passed, technology has improved in galore(postnominal) argonas. So m both tonic technologies have developed to help benefit our nation. With these new technologies, we have found it easier to accomplish simple every day tasks. Its believed that computers are the rising, and that sooner or later, all jobs will require whatsoever mixed bag of knowledge with computers. Many individuals are going back to college to receive much education on computers and on programs. This may be required for some businesses. But some people today seem to be sort of computer illiterate. How would we change this problem? One idea is to develop a nation wide program into our school system that involves interaction of students and teachers with the new technologies in the schoolrooms. The National Education Technology Plan has been the solution to schools crosswise America. In 1996, the plan was developed with many hopes and expectations in mind for the future of education and technology ( This plan was originally referred to Getting Americas Students Ready for the twenty-first Century (Techniques Connecting Education & Careers). Its main purpose was to increase the students academic achievements. The idea was to have students not only improve themselves boilers suit but by doing so, they would become familiar with technology. Students as well as teachers would have the opportunity to learn more about technology (ISTE NETS). In order for teachers to help the students along the way, the teachers would be given lessons to improve their skills ( aft(prenominal) the teacher felt he/she became familiar with the use of technology, they would then be able to use it as an instructional tool in the classroom ( Students would also have the opportunity to be connected to the Internet in all their classrooms. Having students involved with the Internet and computers could only lead to future benefits for them (Education World). The plan has been revised three times now. To improve it, the U.S. Department of Education is feel to the general public to make possible changes or to make any suggestions they feel appropriate (Whelan, Debra).

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