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Family Adaptation on Pregnancy Essay

THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND1.1 Introduction and Background of the trainBased on latest Census of Population and Housing, which was conducted last whitethorn 1 2010, the household population of the Philippines reached 92,097,978. From this number, the total population of City of Muntinlupa, Barangay Tunasan is 51,033.Family workings together and how well it female genital organ organize itself against potential threats depends its structure (who its members are) and its subprogram (the activities or roles family members carry out). (Crea, Barth, & Chintapalli, 2007).Pregnancy is such(prenominal) a huge change over in a womans life that is brings about to a greater extent psychological changes than any other life event besides puberty (Rojas, Wood, & Blakemore, 2007). A womans attitude toward a gestation depends a great deal on psychological aspects such as the milieu in which she was raised, the messages about motherhood her family communication and others. (Darby, 2007). F or many families, the stage at which children leave to establish their own households is the most difficult stage because itappears as like breaking up the family. This stage may represent a loss of self-esteem for parents, who feel themselves being replaced by other bulk in their childrens live. As well as the feelings of siblings, they feel around jealousy and less adapted to cope up.To support the statement above, a nurse can serve as an important counselor to such as family. He or she who is planning to rent an own family is what they have spent a long time preparing them to do, or that leaving the station is positive, not a negative, step in family growth.Muntinlupa City is composed of 9 Barangays and one of these is, Barangay Tunasan, with an estimated land area of 950 hectares, a population of more or less 75,000 inhabitants residing in the barrio proper and in different Subdivision, Puroks and Sitios. It has 13 Subdivisions and Villages, 7 Puroks and 12 Sitios and 1 Ind ustrial Complex, housing 25 factories and business establishments.With that, the commission of this take away is to descend how the families adapt to maternity considering that based on a report card, the chosen community which is the barrio proper, found out that there are insufficiencies in their Health Center and medical supplies are inadequate.1.2 Statement of the ProblemThe field of honor aims to answer the following questions1) What is the demographic profile of respondents when grouped fit in toa. sexual urgeb. Religionc. Educational attainment2) What is the type of family variant of respondents as toa. reference of Familyb. Family Financesc. Healthd. Spiritual Growthe. Emotional Supportf. aim of copingg. Stress Management3) Is there a important kind between the demographic profile variables and the supposition of family allowance of the respondents when grouped according toa. Genderb. Religionc. Educational attainment1.3 HypothesesHo1 there is no significant affinity between gender of the respondents and the concept of family adaptation on pregnancy Ho2 there is no significant relationship between religion of the respondents and the concept of family adaptation on pregnancy Ho3 there is no significant relationship between educational attainment of the respondents and the concept of family adaptation on pregnancy1.4 Significance of the studyCommunity In the chosen community, the study result serve as a conk to the family on how to adapt on pregnancy and for the Barangay Health Workers to be able to assist the family and have a deeper understanding to the said program and do appropriate health actions in line with the perceived adaptation on pregnancy. Nursing Students this study pass on stand by students understand on how the family adapts to pregnancy and for them to apply their skills and knowledge, to be able to carry out appropriate interventions utilizing the nursing process.School of Nursing this study will serve as basis for i mprovements and enhancement of teaching fill for the family Future police detectives this study will serve as a guide and reference and baseline information to further develop studies. The study can also open in development of the study. Participants this study will help participants to improve their health promoting behaviors according to the least frequent healthy behavior. Researcher this study will help the researcher gain knowledge on how to properly make a research paper according to its process. 1.5 Objectives of the studyMain purpose The study is aim towards describing the family adaptation onpregnancy.Specifically, it is aimed to1) determine the demographic profile of the respondents2) determine the type of family adaptation on pregnancy of the respondents 3) determine the significant relationship between the demographic profile variables of the respondents and their adaptation to pregnancy1.6 Scope Delimitation and Limitations of the StudyThis study is focus on the adapt ation among selected families living in Barangay Tunasan, Arandia Street, Muntinlupa City. As subjects of this study, complete enumeration was utilise according to the criterion. Family with ages 18 and above living in Barangay Tunasan, Muntinlupa City irrespective of their gender and socio-economic status.This study is limited only on assessment of the family adaptation on pregnancy of families of the chosen community. The study does not cover interventions to be given whether the result showed need to improve their adaptation on pregnancy.Referenceshttp// show=barangaydetails¶ms=request_._barangay_.._id_._2 http//

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