Saturday, March 23, 2019

F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby :: essays research papers

Money and The Great Gatsby     "Her voice is full of coin Pg. 127)," is a major contributing sentence to the story. This sentence, which comes from the character by the bid of Jay Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald relates this story to piecey, stating that money bum buy anything, including the love of a woman. This soupcon that Gatsby has acquired baffles Nick Carraway. Throughout the story, the truth comes out of why Daisy becomes part of Gatsby, which is because she wants him fair(a) for his riches.     In the Novel The Great Gatsby, the book strongly relates to "The American Dream." In Gatsbys case, the dream is that through acquiring riches and power, once can also gain happiness. To reach his idea of what happiness is, Gatsby must go back in time to relive an old dream. To do this, he believes he must first have wealth and power. Jay Gatsby is a man who does non wish to live breeding in the present because it offers him nothing. He spends a majority of his life purifying to recapture his erstwhile(prenominal), in which he eventually dies in pursuit of it. The reason he wishes to relieve the past is because he had a love affair with the rich Daisy Buchanan, who he had, trim down deeply in love with. However, he knew they could never get conjoin due to their difference in economic and social statuses. He wants to hook up with her, but because of this problem he leaves her in order to gain wealth and social status in order to reach her standards. Once he reaches this goal, he buys a house close to her in which he tries to " act her." Jay thinks money will take care of everything, in which he realizes it doesnt make life out like it ought to be. Gatsby refuses to give this up until he reaches fulfillment of his American Dream. The sad thing is that he never does, and ends up dying.      The question of money and sociabilitys authority over life is a big factor in many peoples lives. Many people in todays world try to buy love with money. That is not really a "true love." both of the people in the relationship should love each other for WHO they are, not what they are or have. Some people do not meet this concept. That is why separations, divorces, etc.

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