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China – Economic Development Essay

Kimberly Remijan MWH Mr. Harvey The Pros Outweigh the Cons When integrity thinks of a major(ip) Chinese city such as Shanghai or Beijing, images of sidewalks overcrowded with pedestrians, thousands of bicycles lined on the streets and litter spotted through pop out cosmos areas may watch over to mind. However, with the modernisation and industrialization chinaware has gone through, urban citizens are now to a bang-uper extent frequently using prevalent transport, automobiles are increasingly beingness employ lots(prenominal) and flock are hired to keep streets as straight as possible.With a little over three decades having past since the major industrial development, China has industrialized at an astonishing rate. This is especi every(prenominal)y prob up to(p) when comparing its much higher(prenominal) industrializing rank to lacquer, the UK and the US. With such high rates of educateth, there are both negative and positive aspects that recognize out of such dev elopment. Although general health in China is non at its best, post 1980 industrial development has repaird the average Chinese citizens life tremendously both personally and publically.Through the rush of industrialization, Chinese intentness and production has had a negative effect on the health of citizens because of the variant pollution from sear, water supply pollution from factory emissions and the inhumane working conditions for slightly people. The production of coal, a major industry in China, emits sulfur compounds, snow and former(a) byproducts into the air, which outgrowths the fortunes of cancer, lung and heart issues. Sulfur dioxide produced in coal combustion poses an present(prenominal) threat to the health of Chinas citizens, contri scarcelyion to about 40,000 unseasonable deaths a year (Bradsher and Barboza).This not still affects the physical welfare of workers but anyone who is exposed to this tainted air. Sulfur dioxide emitted from coal combustion also contributes to venereal disease rain, poisoning bodies of water and vegetation. Nearly 500 million people wishing access to safe drinking water (Khan and Yardley). With people running the risk of being dehydrated, it is hard to imagine that they can conduct a hale immune system and enough energy to function properly. Also, it is much much difficult to move forward in life without having clean water for hygiene and food urposes. Lastly, the horrendous working conditions for some workers in factories are destroying their health. People work where there are no regards to human safety, and bide in overpopulated housing and do not have common folk appliances, resulting in about 5,000 deaths annually (Great Leap Backward). This affects the hold dear and safety of workers, resulting in physical and emotional unhappiness. However, even though it straight that the health of galore(postnominal) is at stake, there are many another(prenominal) effects of industrialization that citizens are benefitting from as well.In the past few decades, citizens have been experiencing the personal benefits of higher income, a outgrowth middle sectionalisation and wider prize and availableness of household appliances and comforts. Many citizens, especially those living rurally, are seeing an increase in income. The number of rural poor people diminish from 49. 6 million to 28. 2 million in 2002 (China Sees Improvements). With much than funds to spare, many people are now able to legislate on to a greater extent, fall apart quality food, hygiene, business, education for their children and other factors that create a life with more opportunities for the present and the future.Also, the middle class has recently been maturation and developing. Chinas growing middle class has made it to the help largest luxury good market in the world (Rapoza). A growing middle class means that the general economy is improving, and there is higher demand for goods. Factories the n need to be created, more jobs are getable and there is more production. The lower class gets smaller and the middle and amphetamine class grows, which benefits everyone. This then expands on to household appliances becoming more low-cost and available to the population. Household appliances such as TV sets, washing machines and refrigerators became more common, and an increasing number of families acquired computers and cars (China Sees Improvements). With such comforts being more widely used than in the past, people are able to vital more comfortably and happily. The benefits for the common people do not invert here. On a public level, public transportation is now being frequently used and education as well as heath-care is more available and accessible to citizens.Public transport such as buses, trains, airplanes and boats are being developed and utilized by many. China will clear or renovate 150 airportsharness water routes along major riversbuild 20 thousand kilometers of roadsand 6,000 kilometers of railways (China to Witness Development). sacking back a few years ago when China largely used bicycles to get to and from places, this burst of transportation development is huge. Not only is it available to many now but the government also continues to improve such means of transport, which will make business, travel, trading and communication much easier.It gets even part as the government focuses much of its time and money on spreading opportunities for education throughout the country. In the nine-year compulsory education, the cardinal government remitted 52 million students from underdeveloped western and central regions their teaching fees and extras (China Economic Growth). With education being available to all social and economic classes in China, there is opportunity for a great social leap in the future. With proper schooling, young adults are able to be exposed to more job opportunities and are able to mount their families and work th eir way out of poverty.Similarly, there have been efforts made to increase availability and quality of common medical care throughout the nation. As conditions of medical care continue to improve, peoples health has come to a higher level with the average life expectancy scope 71. 8 years in 2002 (China Sees Improvements). With health care conditions getting better and people living longer, it is apparent that peoples life standards are improving. Increased life expectancy generally means that there is better hygiene, health and environment than in the past.Through these three effects that have come out of industrialization, it is apparent that the public is affected positively in many ways. Even though the health situation with some Chinese citizens is not at its peak, post 1980 industrial development in China has colossally increase living standards of many on both a personal and public level. People have and are earning more salary, a middle class is emerging and developing and household applications are now more accessible. Additionally, public transportation is more developed and utilized and education and healthcare availability and quality is improving.All these benefits are wonderful, but there is still the matter of peoples health being negatively affected by coal production and the conditions workers go through to produce coal and other goods in factors. Before coming up with conclusions, one must look at this issue in context. First of all, the rate at which China is industrializing is much higher than nations in the past, such as the UK taking 150 years and Japan taking 40 years to completely industrialize. With Chinas growth spurt being so huge, there are springtime to be some consequences in order to achieve all the other benefits stated previously.Additionally, while still comparing China to past industrial development periods, the UK used to also have bad working conditions in the cities with factories emitting outrageous amounts of pollution . With some time and effort, these conditions improved and more ecofriendly factories and machinery was used. The same goes for Japan and the US. The odds point to China doing the same as well because of the pursuance reasons. With increased education and income, citizens young and old are becoming more aware of their environmental and health situation.Also, with all the efforts the government is putting into healthcare for its people, it is apparent that their wellbeing is being put into consideration. Hopefully this will lead to actions for the long term by eliminating inhumane working conditions and harm to the environment. If China continually seeks the example of other leading countries and keeps in pace with their efforts for the environment, one can see that the benefits of post 1980 industrialization will continue to and grow in outweighing the negatives of the harmful conditions and factories.

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