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Ashlee Simpson :: essays research papers

Ashlee SimpsonThe hang of the performer was Ashlee Simpson. The date of the concert was on Saturday January. 8th, 2005. This concert took place at The M altogether of America. This was Ashlees get-go concert in Minnesota and her first time at The Mall of America. The setting was a small stage set up at a big open field of view in the mall. It was a circular ara. Also in that respect were three floors you could design the stage from. This concert was not a concert that you had to buy tickets for. You could h angiotensin converting enzymest come to The Mall of America and see Ashlee perform. So it was on a first come first serve basis. If you did not get in that location early enough you wouldnt get a spot to see the stage. The only time you were there you had to stand. There were no assigned seats. So if you are not very tall, you better hope that you get a forepart row spot, or else you wont be able to see a thing. So with a lot of people standing around you there is a lot of people who try and get in see of you, and there is a lot of pushing and shoving. So it got a microscopical fusturating and crowded at times. So I would defiently not recommend this variety show of setting for a concert. It is just to much of a hassle with all the people around. It is much easier when you invite your own seat, that you know is yours and no one is going to take it.There was no broadcast for this concert. I have been to numerous concerts like the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, and the Dixie Chicks and there has never been a program for the concert. Probley because there is to many people to give programs out too. When you dont have a program, you never know what song is going to be performed next or if there is going to be a let out between songs. It really doesnt matter to me that there was not a program, because I already knew all of Ashlees songs from her album and I want them all. So I knew that whatever song she performed would be great. Ashlees manner of music is a mixture of punk rock and pop music. She has much(prenominal) a unique style, that its hard to distinguish what style of music she sings.

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