Friday, February 1, 2019

Elephant Man :: essays papers

Elephant Man The Elephant Man, written by Bernard Pomerance, is a dissemble about identity. It is a convey about a man who is deformed, nevertheless constantly trying to live life as an ordinary person. The play begins with antic Merrick, also live onn as the Elephant Man, performing in a carnival freak show in order to make a minute amount of money for living expenses. In Scene VI, eventide on the Niger and Ceylon, Not This, Treves brings in Miss Sandwich to become Merricks nurse. He explains to her that he has been let down so far by the other nurses he has introduced to Merrick. He prepares her for the sight of Merrick so that she leave alone non fight back harshly when she sees him. Ironically she says, Appearances do not daunt me. Treves then offers her the hazard to see Merrick for the first time and bring him his lunch. When laying eyes on Merrick, she becomes frazzled and bolts from the room, throwing the lunch tray into Treves arms. When Treves goes to spe ak to Miss Sandwich she states that no one will do the job. This scene contributes to the other scenes of the play because it is a prime drill of how volume answer when meeting Merrick. Merrick struggles with trying to fit in broadly because of his low egoism as a result of the cruel reactions of people. tidy sum do not give him a chance and get to know him well enough to see the kind and gentle personality traits of John Merrick, all they see is his physical deformities and that alone scares them away. As the play goes on, people begin to look past his deformities and see that he is a true(p) genuine person who has feelings like themselves. Merrick is given the chance to raise his self-esteem when he meets Mrs. Kendal. She is an actress who walks in with a smile on her face and is competent of sustaining the smile. She talks to him as if he is a human being and not a freak. She introduces many members of the elite class to John Merrick and they all react just as she did, lo oking beyond physical characteristics to the person he is inside.

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