Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Caulerpa lentillifera Essay

Statement of the problem1. Can Lato (Caulerpa lentillifera) be apply as fertilizer to plants? 2. Comp bed to usual fertilizers, ordain scratch help retrovert lato fertilizers a better result to growth of plants? 3. Can Lato seaweed and sugar complement with apiece other in fashioning a crop- mattering fertilizer?Null Hypothesis1. Lato flush toilet be used as a fertilizer to plants. 2. Sugar can help yield lato fertilizers a better result to growing of plants. 3. Lato and sugar complement with each other in making a crop-yielding fertilizer.Significance of the Study everywhere the years, land and sea farming has been a part of Philippine life. It is cored to the whimsy that our archipelago is surrounded both by a large body of pissing and land area. Amid the adamant need for our fields to gain healthy crops, we, Filipinos are indeed in need to pave ways for strategies of growing our crops which will later result to profitable harvest.In this connection, this research aims to aim the potentials of lato seaweed and sugar as fertilizers with cheap investment. This aim roots its significance to the need of Filipino farmers to use affordable, organic, and accessible fertilizers that will help them in yielding bustling and voluminous crops.Review of Related Literaturethose gardening for food can use copious amounts of seaweeds for mulch and fertilizer.(Traditional Irish fertilizer, see Man of Aran, and The Field), total seaweeds abundantly to compost (Ryan Drum, 2012) Seaweeds are 20-50% dry weight mineral the elements abundant in seaweeds include potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, chloride, sulfur, phosphorous, vanadium, cobalt, manganese, selenium, bromine, iodine, arsenic, iron, and fluorine (Kazutosi, 2002). Fertilizers from seaweeds result to development crop yield probably due to the presence of growth promoting hormones (Bentley-Mowat, 1963). Other beneficial effect include increased resistance of crop to fungal and insect pe sts and increase water holding capacity of the soil (Mathiseson, 1967).Caulerpa lentillifera is high in minerals, vitamin A, C, and some(prenominal) essential unsaturated fatty acids. It is also reported to have antibacterial and antifungal properties (https//seaweedindustry.com/seaweed/type/caulerpa-lentillifera). Sugar added to fertilizer can influence the pH levels within the soil. Plants that are sensitive to a change in pH levels will be unable to absorb nutrients from the soil. (www.bioiberica.com) Sugar is a coarse way to get rid of weeds and keep your lawns eco-system balanced. ostensibly table sugar spread on your lawn is an organic gardening regularity to keep weeds at bay. (http//www.ehow.com/about_6404819_sugar-lawn-fertilizer.html)Scope and LimitationsThis research focuses and aims only to study the potentials of lato seaweed and sugar as fertilizers especially when combined together. The researcher gathered entropy from surfing the internet so as first-hand observ ation and experiments.

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