Monday, February 11, 2019

Automotive Energy Consumption Essay examples -- Automobiles Transporta

Automotive Energy ConsumptionIn the United States, the automobile has gain to be more than simply a means of transportation, but similarly a status symbol and a symbol of autonomy. As a status symbol, automobiles have gotten larger and more expensive, with little or no regard for efficiency or environmental impact. With the proliferation of the Sport Utility fomite (SUV), the average raise efficiency of cars in the United States has begun to fall from a peak over a decade ago. With technological and material advances do in the last decade, it seems counterintuitive that average fuel economy had begun to decline. In order to under bear the advances made in indispensable burn locomotive technology, one must have a basic understanding of engines and the fuels they burn. iv Stroke Internal Combustion EnginesThe 4-stroke, internal combustion engine at the heart of most automobiles on the road today is relatively ineffectual and produces high levels of pollutants. Even the mo st efficient gasoline burning internal combustion engines convert only 30-40% of the energy available in the fuel in to work. The rest of the energy is lost to heat, and is thrown away into the environment through a heat exchanger (radiator) or through rout gases. Exhaust gases account for much of the pollution generated by internal combustion engines. Gasoline, for example produces Greenhouse gases such as Carbon Monoxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), normality Oxides (NOxs) and releases unburned hydrocarbons (fuel) into the atmosphere. Greenhouse Gases be responsible for much of the depletion of the ozone layer, lead to global heating system and pose health threats to humans. In addition to these drawbacks, fossil fuels are not in endless supply and co... ...ssil fuel supplies. In order for each course of action to have widespread success, the people must stand behind it. In the case of this investigation, the citizens of the United States need to understand the necess ary of conservation and the consequences of non-conformance. This may require government- imposed penalties to businesses and individuals who dont do their part to conserve. The exact details of such a system are not crucial at this moment, but rather a wide understanding of the outlook for the future tense. Without swift action in the near future to curb hydrocarbon consumption, both the environment and the world economy stand to fall behind significantly. Sourceshttp//

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