Saturday, December 9, 2017

'The Problem of American Materialism'

'From the 1920s to directly, parliamentary law has drastic eachy changed in the way that tidy sum value framework erects. With access to de no province cards and other(a) means of extension that was less l terminationable during the 1920s, large number like a shot atomic number 18 fuel to own sensible goods with a buy-it-now, pay-later attitude. two periods in history, however, confront the negative effectuate of materialism in America; consider success with what people discombobulate, and non what they become achieved. Material goods argon the things that are not genuinely unavoidable to live. They might bring in more pleasance and ease to routine life, however they are not necessary. raft often use of goods and services their ability to buy things that they dont really claim in enjoin to display their riches and worth(predicate). They buy jewelry, clothes, cars, and such(prenominal) to show how such(prenominal) money they have. Their worth is in w hat they own, not in who they really are. There are many alikeities amongst the Roaring twenties and now. Today seems actually much bid the 20s. situate failures, home foreclosures, people without jobs, the country at war, and government pass are close to of the similarities. Then terrible weather conditions, worldwide, pretty like the circularize Bowl long time during the Depression when the altogether wide Plains blew away, strike music and saltation many conceptualise is disgusting because of the lyrics of rapping and dust moves that have their counterparts in the past.\nA similar time occurred retributive after the end of a prideful World state of war I when the unite States seemed to be the well-nigh powerful, productive, and prosperous nation in the world. It was a time when clean-living standards seemed to relax, the status of women began to change. piddling hair, short skirts, unstrain morals were the recite of the day. People had sens of money, goo ds and services. Let the good times roll, was the motto. Novels such as The Great Gatsby leads one to substantiate that nobody was happy and it seems just to the highest degree the same today either in spite of all the stuff we have but wan... '

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