Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Should Confederate Soldiers Be Honored On Veterans' Day

Who To Honor on Veterans’ Day? Most countries have a designated day to honor those who fought bravely in and lived through the film editing conditions of war, and the United States of Ameri offer is no exception. For America, this day was first have it off as the Armistice Day, which was first proclaimed by death chair Wilson after World War I.[1] Later, it was known, more commonly, as Veterans’ Day. Although or so people support the installment of Veterans’ Day as an ex officio vacation, there are still many controversies as to who should be honored on this significant day. One of the heavily debated topics was posture to decide whether Confederate march should be honored on Veterans’ Day. In my opinion, Americans should non honor Confederate veterans on unrivalled of the most pivotal day made for the tribute to veritable(a) American soldiers. To start off, Veterans’ Day is “a legal holiday dedicated to veterans who fought an d served in the United States military.”[2] As soldiers of the Confederacy, Confederate parade should not be honored along with those who actually fought for the American vision, which was to seek equality for all. Confederate troops fought for the Confederacy, which was not micturate down of the United States at that time, so therefore, they do not admit the criteria for the “veterans” to which the day was dedicated to. The Confederacy fought only for what they believed in, not for what the Americans believed in.[3] They complimentsed to preserve slavery. They wanted to keep oppressing African Americans so they can have their fields done for free. This unjust room of action contradicts the Constitution, which says that “all men are created equal.”[4] In another(prenominal) perspective, we do not honor veterans from other countries, such as France or Britain. Then, there should be no reason for us to charge consider the possibility of incorpor ating Confederate soldiers when mentioning &! ldquo;veterans” on Veterans’ Day. Veterans’...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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