Friday, February 7, 2014

Of Mice And Men Essay

Of Mice and Men Essay This book showed universey disappointing lives in which in that location was excessively a lot of sad times and lament; however I thought that Crooks story was the most disappointing. both through Of Mice and Men I felt uncollectible for him because his whole of measurement life he had gone through sharpness and I know he had much pain in his interprett. e rattling time he spoke I could tell he was upset with his life and it made me happen so sorry for him. He felt so guilty because of the agency he was born and would say things such as, answer Im black. They play cards in in that location moreover I cant play because Im black. (Steinbeck 68) I also feel sorry for otherwise characters in the book but Crooks story is so real to me because I know of other people who have suffered from racisms and criticism. Its sad to hear of a man who is so used to be couch d suffer that he does it to himself. He is probably so used to hearing sti ff things and feels that eitherone is against him. Why its just a nigger sayin it, (Steinbeck 70) Crooks would say in a negative way towards himself. It just shows he has very pitiful self love and feels as if he is price nothing. When Lennie had entered the barn and tried talk of the t knowledge to Crooks about the puppy, Crooks kept heavy Lennie, Dont go on in a train where youre not wanted. (Steinbeck 69) It was as if he wanted to salvage out everyone. This is probably because he was so used to being left out. Its disappointing for person to feel so low of themselves and to push Roll 2 even people that are automatic to talk away. Crooks also seems worry a pessimistic person which is disappointing considering it is like he has no hope for anyone including himself. He tells Lennie, Youre garner (Steinbeck 74) for thinking that he would ever guess anything of himself and go run away the rabbits. He also tries to explain to Lennie that every man that thinks they willing spend a penny land of there own fa! ils at doing so. Its all in their head (Steinbeck 74) he tells Lennie as if he is trying to tell Lennie to...If you want to agitate a full essay, order it on our website:

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