Saturday, February 1, 2014

American History

reconstruction and genteel RightsAt the end of the Civil state of war , knuckle d takes were legitimately free but the fight for equal rights by African Americans was just beginning . During reconstruction blacks were still interact as second class citizens Despite the mis preaching in that lieu were many gains which were make by African American during ReconstructionThere were several(prenominal) amendments made to the governing body to ensure the equal treatment of African Americans and completely in solely minorities that were American citizens . The amendments which were added were the thirteenth fourteenth , and fifteenth amendments . These guaranteed that slavery was no long-lasting approved , that anyone born in the United States was considered a citizen , and completely mannish citizens were any(prenomi nal)owed to voteThe Thirteenth AmendmentThe thirteenth Amendment was just one amendment which was added to the administration during Reconstruction , after the Civil War . The thirteenth amendment was added in 1865 . It declared that slavery was not legal and blacks slaves were freed . This was the tangible and legal personification of the speech that Abraham Lincoln made after the Civil War was over During this speech he announced that slaves in each states , including though states which had left the Union could not arrest slaves and all slaves were free . After the amendment , the political science could and did make laws that slaves was illegalThe issue of slaves created a huge economic problem for the clear slave owners in the south because they this instant had to take over plumpers to work just , it worked in the favor of former slaves and all African Americans because now they could earn a living on their own . umpteen sporting , former slave owners hired o n the slaves they apply to have as farm han! ds to do the said(prenominal) work they had done just weeks before for free These white businesses and farms demanded money from the presidency to stand for the work , however the governing body refused to pay . Another issue was that many white workers facet that black workers would take away their jobs because they would take less pay for the same work , for the same job . Regardless , during this assent blacks began to assimilate into the American work forcePresident JohnsonAfter Lincoln was assassinated in 1865 , vice president Andrew Johnson became president of the United States . This did not profits African Americans because President Johnson excluded blacks from being part of the committee to pose amendments and laws which center around slavery , and Civil Rights . However , thither were several powerful changes that came out of these meetingsOne major change was that all people born in the United States were considered citizens and were given all the rights w hich Constitution guarantees . While Johnson was opposed to this , Congress pressed by means of and passed this bill and it became a law . Once a national official law , states had to make laws which paralleled those of the federal government . It also allowed the federal government to intervene if states were not future(a) this lawThe Fourteenth AmendmentIt was not until 1868 that the...If you want to get a effective essay, order it on our website:

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