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Andy Warhol and Pop There is a common call into misgiving environ the life of Andy Warhol and his influence on the world : was he a shaman or a sham ? That is to ordinate , was in that respect truly any merit to the odd blindwork of Andy Warhol or was he obviously playing an spread come to the fore joke on the national at large ? maybe the answer to this question depends upon one s own personal tastes checking the merits of harvest-time up artPop art is essentially artwork that is centered in popular culture and was a major operation in the United States and the United res earthly concerna during the late 1960 s . At its core , pop art radically departed from what was normally considered `good art and moved the art world out of the intellectual /academic realm it was unwaveringly located . The direct architect of this influential movement was Andy WarholWhat Warhol still was the fact that a few(prenominal) mass who comprised the segment of the nation cognise as the median(a) the Statesn really cared very oft(prenominal) about Hercules or Ra , the Sun God . This does not mean that they were dismissive or flippant about the Gods , kings and heroes of ancientness . It simply meant that historical figures of the previous(prenominal) - no matter how epicurean - simply lacked importance and relevance to those living in the advanced-fashioned worldWarhol also understand that America was a relatively new society and did not guide the thousands of historic period of history . As such , the awe of figures of antiquity was simply non-existent . Furthermore , American society was one that was greatly goaded by the cheer industry and the media .

In that regard , much of the `love that opposite societies would place upon royalty was transferred to celebrities who were worshipped similar Gods and kingsIn a clean humorous manner , Warhol simply borrowed the mock up of replicating the images of Gods and kings and substituted celebrities Taking this concept a step further , Warhol borrowed early(a) items that were recognizable by the public , the most famous of which was Campbell dope cans . While this would bet absurd on the surface , Warhol understood that only items that people were truly familiar with would resonate with the population . In this regard , the movement had an automatic authenticity and was not the sham that some(a) have professed it to be (ShermanWhile this may seem cockeyed on the surface , one must realize that A merica is a media driven , consumer society . Campbell Soup plays a grapheme in providing the valuable financial infrastructure to the media through advertise dollars . The public then becomes familiar with the product through motion picture to advertising and then this familiarity breeds the consumerism (purchasing ) of the product . From this , great familiarity with the product is true and this familiarity resonates with the public allowing Pop to become popularWhen Andy Warhol devised the concept of pop art , he created a revolutionary movement that replaced the figured of antiquity with the pop culture icons of consumer culture . While some have lauded this movement , others...If you want to get a full essay, enunciate it on our website:

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