Friday, October 4, 2013

Community Development

Business Attraction and Retention in training EffortsThe thought process that subscriber line devotion and holding activities are shipway to long-run sustainability is based on neo-classical and neo-liberal growth paradigms that emphasize the exercise of proceedings within a free market in wealth creation and scotchal progress . Spurring the increase of the care and corporate sector is therefore seen as crucial to over-all economical growth and discipline , under the assumption that wealth created by trade and investment activities will ultimately trickle knock elaborate to the majority in the form of job and income coevals (Trainer , 2002 ,. 55 ) However , the negative outcomes of study efforts using the market economy-oriented commence in the vast majority of countries in the ontogenesis serviceman (Rist , 1997 ,br 218-19 ) illustrate that the focus on tune attraction and retention are not reasonable means of achieving sustainable developmentContrary to the claims of neoclassic and neoliberal development theorists , development that is based on economic and rail line growth does not necessarily rail to an bet nameent in the economic life of the majority (Trainer , 2002 ,. 59 ) On the other hand , the myth of the trickle-down effect is challenged by the accompaniment that although increased business activities generate employment , it in like manner results in cheap and repressed labor as the talent and pay maximization c at oncerns of corporations usually necessitate cutting down on variable labor costs such as take . Unfortunately , corporations are able to leverage business interests in a higher place labor cod to the very dependence of the country on investments that creates significant drive on the government to implement policies contributory for businesses such as tax incentives and lowered minimum paym! ent . For instance , workers in garment factories in Bangladesh receive whole 15c per hour in wages despite significant economic growth in the country (Trainer , 2002 ,. 56In the same manner , the potential of financial swell in an economy that is dependent on business activities tends to discover the gap between the rich and the miserable in call of access to resources . Trainer (2002 notes that markets have a strong angle of dip to allocate scarce resources and products to the rich and to clean the poor of resources they once had (p . 60 ) As such , the scattering of resources and access to run is based on the capacity of citizens or communities to pay and not based on actual exact . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and discipl   ines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Ultimately , this contributes to the go along impoverishment and deteriorating condition of the poor (Rist , 1997 ,br 236 ) sequence benefiting the local elect who have ties with business and multinational corporationsLikewise , the realities in developing countries examine that market-oriented development policies are often insensitive to the chooses of the poor and marginalized sectors and also undermine ecological and environmental sustainability . This is because investment will turn tail into those ventures likely to yield the highest returns (Trainer 2002 ,. 60 ) thence , the government s development priorities are often incongruent with the development needs of communities . This is exemplified in the case of Ghana where unsophisticated activities are focused on export crop production instead of addressing food security department and malnutrition problems of the local population (Rainbow Ark , 1992 br. 9 It is clear that efforts in business att! raction and retention activities cannot realise about long term sustainability in Setting divagation concerns on business partake on the environment market-oriented growth dependence leads to negative development outcomes , exacerbating poverty and marginalisation instead of alleviating social problems . Thus , there is a need to use alternative development frameworks in the effort to take in about attested and sustainable Works CitedRainbow Ark (1992 . Development Reconsidered . working capital , D .CRist , G (1997 . The History of Development . London : zed BooksTrainer , Ted (2002 . Development , charity , and poverty : the appropriate development linear lieu . International Journal of Social Economics 29 (1 /2 : 54-72Community DevelopmentPAGE \ MERGEFORMAT 2 ...If you want to get a full essay, notice it on our website:

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